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BURGprotect Gold

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BURGprotect Gold

£394.27 Excl. VAT

SKU: x-burg-gold

BURGprotect Gold a comprehensive alarm kit for homes

Solution type: Gold kit
SKU: x-burg-gold
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Perfect start package for your home, consisting of 1 x Base, 2 x Conact detectors, 3 x motion detector, 2 x remote control, 1 x keypad, 1 x external siren & 1 x smoke detector. Securing windows and doors, motion detectors and capturing burgulars all with 24/7 remote access from your smart device.

Product Features

BURGprotect Gold kit
App controlled alarm system
1 x Base
2 x Contact Detector
3 x Motion Detector
2 x Remote Control
1 x Keypad
1 x External Siren
1 x Smoke detector

Central control unit with integrated siren
Backup battery, anti-tamper and jamming protection
3 internet conenctions, Lan, WLAN, & GSM

Contact Detectors
Alarm at door or window opening
Easy attachment without screws
High range

Motion Detectors
Passive infared detector
Detection range approx 110 degrees
Small animal detection prevents false alarms

Remote Control
Operation of alarm system, home scenario, SOS panic function (contact persons will be informed)
Practical fastening for keychain or key box

Easy installation
Suitable for windows and doors
Alarm message on interuption of contact
Message on low battery

External Siren
Visual and audible alarm signals
Alarm signal up to 120dB
Tamper protection
Mains powered with emergency battery included
Smoke Detector
Smoke detectors are mandatory in living spaces
Alarm up to 85dB
Useable without app
Message on low battery – battery included

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Solution type

Gold kit