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Case Study: Enhancing Security and Aesthetics Through Modern Glass Ballistic BR2S Doors For a national commercial client.


1. Introduction

In an era where security concerns are paramount and architectural aesthetics are valued, businesses are increasingly seeking innovative solutions that seamlessly blend both priorities. This case study delves into the implementation of modern-style glass ballistic custom BR2S doors, seamlessly blending contemporary design with robust security features for a large company opening multiple stores around London, with a substantial budget exceeding £250k, reflecting the commitment to quality and excellence.

2. Context

Traditionally, solid-style doors have been the go-to choice for security-conscious establishments. However, there’s been a shift towards embracing modern design elements coupled with enhanced security ratings. The decision to transition from solid doors to modern frames and large glass door panels stemmed from a desire for both aesthetic enhancement and practical security solutions.

3. Approach

  • Executive Challenge: Procuring the right doors posed a significant challenge, particularly as they were not readily available in the UK market. This necessitated sourcing from EU suppliers capable of customizing the doors to fit specific dimensions and colour requirements.
  • Risks and Challenges: Timing emerged as a critical concern, prompting early ordering based on project timelines with a 12-week lead time. Precision was imperative, requiring exact measurements from plans and adherence to tight installation windows, often scheduled during out-of-hours to minimize disruption.
  • Logistics: Ensuring seamless execution demanded meticulous coordination of personnel, equipment delivery, and installation within confined workspaces. This encompassed aspects like access control and alarm integration to ensure comprehensive security measures.

4. Solution

  • Experienced Team: With 25+ years of experience, in installations, the proficiency of the team on-site, as well as our health and safety expectations to navigate these challenging installations was paramount. Their expertise ensured flawless execution within constrained environments.
  • Design Innovation: Crafting modern security doors tailored for commercial environments demanded a blend of aesthetic finesse and robust security protocols.
  • Efficient Installation: A dedicated team of four specialist engineers streamlined the installation process, completing each door setup within a 4-5 hour timeframe while meticulously preserving surrounding infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Supplying all requisite certificates of compliance and security documentation for the glass panels & doors underscored a commitment to transparency and regulatory adherence.

5. Timeline

Given the urgency surrounding security enhancements, the project was expedited, with a typical turnaround of 8-10 weeks from inception to completion.

By embracing a comprehensive approach encompassing meticulous planning, innovative design, and seamless execution, the integration of modern glass ballistic BR2S doors not only fortified security measures but also elevated the aesthetic appeal of the commercial space. This case study is a testament to the efficacy of marrying form with function in contemporary security solutions.


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