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Residential and Commercial CCTV Solutions


Most of the enquiries, we usually receive are our clients seeking the best CCTV or alarm solution for their properties, be it residential or business. Customers’ criteria differs based on their property location and their vulnerable viewing points. Some key features of CCTV solutions are camera quality, camera shape, special features, and storage requirements. All of our CCTV solutions are able to be viewed locally or remotely on any smart device with access to the internet.

So what solution is best for me?

Because we know that each client is different, we offer 2 types of CCTV at Secure Safe.
The first option is our ‘plug and play’ solution, where a stand alone camera, or multiple, are simply plugged in to a wall socket, and secured to a surface if needed. These are then connected to Wi-fi and can be viewed on an app, from anywhere with an internet connection. Recorded footage can be stored either directly to your mobile or tablet device, or to cloud storage.

For those wanting a more robust and reliable solution, we provide a complimentary, bespoke, site survey almost nation wide. This way we are able to advise the best solution for our clients, while understanding their requirements. Your solution is then installed professionally, and set up so that you can view it remotely or on site, whenever you need.
These solutions can be connected to alarm systems, and also a monitoring service where the authorities can be notified upon an intrusion if needed.

The biggest advantage of CCTV is not only it’s capability of monitoring unwelcome visitors, but it also acts a massive deterrent, as intruders are ‘warned’ that they are being filmed and that you take your security seriously.
Without CCTV, the authorities have no lead or description of any suspects that may attempt to invade your property.

No matter which solution provided, each of them will have various advanced features with the latest technology.

Plug and Play Solutions

Our plug and play solutions are very popular for internal residential properties.
They provide features like 2 way talk, motion detection, and night vision which provides traveling parents, people with elderly relatives, and pet parents, peace of mind when they may not be home.
To accompany the internal security, our Yale smart locks are supported by app functionality to open and lock your property door without a physical key.
These have proven fantastic for house sitters, cleaners & contractors, and close relatives and friends, as access can be controlled by you, live, at the touch of a button from within the app.
When connected to the Yale home app, you can even check using Alexa to confirm if the door is locked/unlocked.

What are the pros and cons of Plug and Play solutions, vs cabled CCTV?

Cabled CCTV:


  • Reliability: Wi-Fi or Internet is not required for recording.
  • Power: Can be powered directly from mains or from the recorder
  • Flexibility: Variety of types of cameras, designs, styles, and lens sizes.
  • Smart Features: More advanced and reliable smart features and available.
  • Recording: CCTV offers an advantageous recording that can cover full-time or determined hours.
  • Fit & Forget: no batteries are required.
  • View locally or remotely: You can connect a CCTV system to your TV or a monitor with power which makes for much easier and quicker replay and exporting footage. You can also view your CCTV on an app from anywhere with internet connection



  • Require wiring: Each camera requires a cable from the camera back to the recorder.
  • Pricing: Due to higher spec cameras and professional installation, the cost of your solution will be more expensive than a Plug and Play solution


Plug and Play CCTV:


  • Easy to install: You simply plug it in to the mains power, and you can set it up yourself with app assistance.
  • Two-way talk: with the smart camera you can have conversations with your loved ones, talk with your kids if you are away at work, or warn off an intruder.
  • Recording: Able to store recording on an SD card if applicable
  • Relocation: Each to relocate the camera, simply unplug it and move it!
  • Sirens – An increasing number of smart cameras also feature a built-in siren. If you were to spot someone in your garden at night you can simply hit a button and let off a loud siren which will, hopefully, warn off the intruder.



  • Power: Can only be powered from mains  
  • Storage Costs: If you would like to store your recording on the cloud, we would advise you to choose the suitable cloud storage and pay any fees required
  • Wi-Fi issues: If your wi-fi goes down or is weak, and you are not using an SD card for recording storage, your camera will still remain on, but no footage will be stored as it will not be able to connect to your app.


At Secure Safe, your security is our priority.
Whether it be business or residential, we offer complimentary site surveys, professional installations, ongoing support, and the leading brands in the industry, we are happy to accommodate to any solution that you would prefer, and will always advise you on what we feel the best security would be for your property and peace of mind.

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