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Delivery Information Form

Our standard delivery charges are to GROUND FLOOR only, i.e. no steps at all, where goods may be transported via a level surface. In order to assess whether any additional costs may be incurred, the following delivery installation form should be completed and returned if the delivery is other than to a ground floor. This will allow us to review the delivery and installation details prior to confirming your order.

Customer Information

Product Details

Vehicular Access to Site - The vehicles used range from large vans to medium sized lorry.

Product Delivery Details

Please refer to the "Reference Diagrams" for guidance on providing the following information. (This is critical for deliveries via stairs or lift.)

  • If via LIFT please supply

  • If via STEPS or STAIRS

    Please use reference diagrams below to complete this section

Dimensions of Stairway(s)

Door Dimensions

Floor Construction


Please indicate the dimensions of all doors which have to be passed through, (or the dimension of the smallest door)

If you have any difficulties with this form, please call for help on 0800 072 4391 or 0203 307 0235 open 24/7

Stair Types

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