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safe in jewellery shop 2

Do Jewellery shops need Security Safes?

safe in jewellery shop

Jewellery stores are second only to banks as the most targeted stores for burglars. Because of this incredible threat, it’s especially important for jewellers to invest in high-security safes and ensure their most valuable items are protected against theft. A theft can set your business back by a large margin that you may never get back. It is therefore important to invest in a high-quality safe without compromising too much on the cost.

Reported thefts from jewellery stores typically happen when the store is already closed, either late at night or in the early morning. The main intention of investing in a security safe would be to protect valuable items at the end of the night in your absence. A high-quality security safe will be a deterrent for thieves, especially if they are bolted to the floor or a wall as recommended. They wouldn’t have time to do anything drastic before the police came after the emergency alarms went off.

Unfortunately, theft can also occur from within a jewellery shop. Security safes offer a controlled access system, limiting the number of authorized individuals who can open them. This helps to minimize the risk of internal theft by ensuring that only trusted staff members can access the valuable items.

How a security Safe can help you for your peace of mind?

security safe does exactly what is implied by its name: it keeps your items safe. Not only do security safes keep your precious items safe from theft, but they can also protect them from general wear due to exposure. Extended exposure to harsh elements such as light and moisture can have a damaging effect on valuables. Storing precious jewels in a safe through the night would ensure that they will be better protected and maintain their high quality. And all our security safes have specified insurance ratings which would cover you in case of an unfortunate burglary.

Security safes often come with fire-resistant features, such as fireproof insulation and construction materials. In the event of a fire, these safes can help protect the jewellery inventory from damage or destruction, providing a vital layer of protection.

A good example would be the Dudley Europa Grade 4 size 2. This high-quality British manufactured security safe has a jewellery rating of 350000 and a cash rating of 35000. Our range of Dudley safes can be fitted with high-security electronic combination locks which could be programmed to provide audited, timed access to multiple people. We also have a great range of Refurbished safes which start with jewellery ratings of £175000. These are also good ways of acquiring well-built, high-quality security safes at affordable prices.

Jewellery shops typically require security safes to protect their valuable inventory. Jewellery is a high-value item, and the presence of valuable items within a jewellery shop makes it a potential target for theft. Security safes provide a secure storage solution to protect the jewellery from theft, unauthorized access, and damage.

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