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Does your organisation need to consider buying storage lockers?

Whether you’re running a gym, school, factory, training programme or a commercial organisation, storage lockers can protect staff valuables and provide them peace of mind for added productivity.

Let’s look at some possible locker requirements for a couple of different organisation types.

Storage lockers for schools.

locker for school

A school should be a place where children feel safe and largely they do, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the risk of theft. In this day and age, most children in the UK own mobile phones and require laptops or tablets for study. Losing an electronic device can lead to mental and financial stress. With the average cost of a mobile phone around £500, this can be a very costly crime.

Our multi-door vertical storage lockers are cost effective solutions to safeguard student possessions. In addition to buying single columns, we can customise these lockers to have as many rows and columns as required. Contact us for further details.

Commercial organisations, event facilitators and training providers

locker with charger

Commercial organisations and training providers can host lots of people who carry laptops with them for different purposes. The availability of a secure locker capable of also charging laptops whilst storing them can will be of great help to people.

Our range of Probe Laptop Charging Lockers is built precisely for this purpose. And since these are British manufactured, they can be customised to have as many rows and columns as required.

Storage Lockers for Gyms

Gyms typically require lockers of different sizes to fulfil the requirements of members who might have extra luggage with them.

Standard locker configurations are therefore the most cost effective solutions. The probe range provides the flexibility of having as many or as few rows and columns and locker sizes as needed.

locker for gym

Another popular locker type, especially for the swimming pool areas is the plastic waterproof locker type, which ensures that lockers don’t rust or corrode.

gym lockers

Whatever your precise requirement, contact us and we will provide you the most cost effective locker solution. Our built to order lockers are British manufactured to the highest standards kitemarked to BS4680:1996, and are the most popular locker solutions available in the UK.

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