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Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gun Cabinet in the UK: “Stay Compliant with Firearms Regulations”

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In the UK, owning and storing firearms is subject to stringent regulations to ensure safety and prevent misuse. When purchasing a gun safe, you must adhere to specific legal requirements set by the Home Office and other relevant authorities. Here’s what you need to know:

UK Regulations for Buying a Gun-Safe

1. Home Office Approval
– Ensure that the gun safe complies with the British Standard BS7558:1992, which is the specification for gun cabinets in the UK.
– The safe should be approved by the police and meet the Home Office guidelines for the secure storage of firearms.

2. Construction and Security Features
– The gun safe must be made from solid steel with continuous welding.
– It should have a full-length anti-lever flange or the door should be recessed to prevent tampering.
– The locking mechanism should include at least two secure locks, preferably with multi-point locking bolts.
– Hinges should be internal or protected by hinge bolts if external.
– The safe should be bolted to the floor or wall using robust anchor bolts following the manufacturer’s instructions and policy guidelines.

3. Location and Installation
– The safe should be located in a concealed and secure part of the premises, away from prying eyes.
– It should be anchored to the building structure (wall or floor) using appropriate fixing methods to prevent removal.
– The police may inspect the location and installation of the safe to ensure compliance with security standards.

4. Storage Requirements
– Firearms and ammunition must be stored separately, ideally in separate compartments within the safe.
– For shotguns, you must comply with the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 which mandates secure storage.

5. Regular Inspection and Maintenance
– Regularly check the condition of the safe and locking mechanisms to ensure they remain in good working order.
– The police may periodically inspect your firearms storage arrangements to ensure ongoing compliance.

6. Certification and Documentation
– Keep all purchase receipts, installation certificates, and any other relevant documentation as proof of compliance.
– Be prepared to provide these documents during police inspections or renewals of your firearm or shotgun certificate.

Additional Considerations

– Consult Local Police: Before purchasing and installing a gun safe, consult your local police firearms licensing unit for specific requirements and guidance.
– Insurance: Check with your insurance provider to ensure that your chosen gun safe meets their requirements for coverage.
–  Training: Familiarize yourself with the operation and maintenance of the safe, and ensure all authorized users are trained in its proper use.


Adhering to the UK regulations for gun safes is crucial for the legal and safe storage of firearms. Ensure that your safe meets the British Standards, is properly installed, and complies with all Home Office and local police guidelines. By doing so, you can securely store your firearms and adhere to the stringent safety standards required by UK law.

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