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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, they do look very similar, but there is a huge difference in the construction and security measures in the range of safes from the small Home Safe to a High Security safe to protect £100,000 cash.
  • As the cash rating increases, the number and strength of the bolts increases. The filler material between the inner and outer body shells becomes more resistant to cutting, drilling and burning. The areas round the lock and bolts are strengthened with hardened steel plates.
  • All these measures make the safe more resistant to attack, and increase the time it would take to break into.
  • The resistance to attack is taken into account by the safe testing organisations, and they allocate the relevant cash rating.

Biometric safes can be secure if they use high-quality technology, have robust construction, and offer backup access methods. Regular maintenance and choosing a reputable manufacturer contribute to their reliability. We provide a variety of lockable safes with biometric / fingerprint options from Phonix safes However, no security system is entirely foolproof, so proper usage and awareness of potential limitations are essential. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

A good answer would cover the various backup options available in case of digital lock malfunctions. These options typically include emergency key overrides, backup power sources such as external battery packs, and manufacturer-specific procedures for accessing the safe in the event of a lock failure.
Yes, privacy concerns arise due to the potential for surveillance abuse, unauthorized access to footage, and the collection of personal information. Proper installation, use, and adherence to privacy laws are essential to mitigate these concerns.
While there may not be strict regulations governing the installation of home safes, it's essential to follow manufacturer instructions and consider factors such as anchoring the safe securely to prevent theft or damage during natural disasters.
In cases where you forget the combination or lose the key to your home safe, it's essential to contact a qualified locksmith or the manufacturer for assistance. They can typically provide methods for accessing the safe without compromising its security.
Yes, with modern systems, CCTV footage can often be accessed remotely through smartphones, tablets, or computers, provided there's an internet connection and proper authentication.
Yes, CCTV footage is often used as evidence in legal proceedings, as it can provide crucial visual documentation of events or incidents.
The security of digital locks varies depending on factors like the manufacturer, model, and implementation. While some digital locks employ advanced encryption and security measures to resist hacking and tampering attempts, others may have vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited. Regularly updating firmware, using strong passwords, and choosing reputable brands can help mitigate these risks.

Yes, in many cases, you can change the combination on your safe. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions, which typically involve knowing the original combination and following a specific sequence on the mechanical dial or electronic keypad. If you encounter difficulties, consider contacting us for assistance.