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Security safes
Security safes are designed to protect cash and valuables from theft. Securesafe has a wide range of security safes to suit  domestic and business users. Safes are categorised according to the level of protection they offer against theft. A safe with a cash rating of £100,000 is obviously more resistant to break in than a safe rated at £1,000.

For the domestic user wanting to protect cash and jewellery there are a number of high quality safes available such as  the Chubbsafes Elements AIR range or the Dudley Harlech Lite level 1 or level 2 for cash rating  £1,000 or £4,000.

With the growing number of people using laptop computers, laptop safes are essential to safeguard laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

For higher cash values, the Chubb Deca from Chubb Safes and the Europa from Dudley Safes are very popular.

Larger domestic and business users will need a Eurograde safe. Eurograde safes start at £6,000 and go up to £250,000 cash rating. The Chubb Safes, the Dudley Europas and the Burton Aver and Atlas safes are available with a range of locking options including key, mechanical and electronic combination locks. The safes can also be supplied as deposit safes.

In addition to being security safes, many of the Eurograde safes offer fire resistance to protect your valuable documents. 

In some instances an underfloor safe is the best solution. The underfloor safes from Britannia and Churchill Safes are market leaders and offer affordable protection. Underfloor safes can be used as deposit safes.

Vehicle deposit safes for delivery lorries and cash collection, we offer three sizes of Vehicle Deposit Safes. The driver can safely deposit money in the safe that is bolted to the vehicle for added security, and removed for emptying back at HQ.

Wall safes are ideal in cases where the safe has to be hidden from view. Wall safes are made to fit into the space left in a wall when 2, 3 or 4 bricks are removed. 

High Security Cabinets  are ideal in premises where bulky items such as cigarettes, mobile phones, power tools and other valuable stock has to be protected from theft. Chubb Forceguard, Securikey Steel Stor and the SMP High Security Cabinets are available in a range of sizes.

Document Safes
The document safes and filing cabinets are designed to protect paper documents from the effects of a fire. They will keep the internal temperature to less than 177 degrees C for the time quoted. There are safes and filing cabinets with 30 minute, 1 hour, 90 minutes and 2 hour protection to choose from.

The First Alert range of document safes is suitable for lower risk domestic and family documentation. The large document storage cabinets such as the Chubb Archive Cabinet and the Lloyds Fireproof document cupboards are ideal for storing commercial files and school or college examination papers.

Data Safes 
Data Safes are designed to protect your magnetic and disc based data storage media from the effects of fire. The time ratings of 1 hour and 2 hour refer to the length of time the safe can be exposed to fire and still keep the internal temperature below 52 degrees Celsius.

Data safes with 1 hour rating are usually considered sufficient for most domestic or small business users. Models are available in various sizes from the leading manufacturers. Pheonix Data Safes, Sun Data Safes.

2 hour protection is available for users needing a higher level; of protection for irreplaceable data such as company records and back up of the IT system. Phoenix data safes are designed to protect DLT tapes, LTO tapes, 4mm and 8mm data cassettes, Data Cartridges, CDs and DVDs and other optical and magnetic media.

Key Cabinets 
Safe storage and control of keys is essential to the security of domestic and commercial premises. We have a wide range of key cabinets from Securikey and other major manufacturers. Sizes vary from key safes holding a single bunch of keys, through wall mounted key cabinets to large floor standing key cabinets with a capacity of over 2000 keys. Key cabinets can be ordered with key locking or mechanical or electronic combination locks. The key cabinets come in three security levels. The System range is for regular use, the Key vault range is for medium security and the High Security key cabinets provide the maximum protection from theft etc. We have a range of sizes from Securikey, Burton, Supra and Alpha.

Used Safes
In many cases a used/reconditioned safe can provide a cost effective option for customers needing larger, higher rated cash and fireproof safes. All our used safes, Used Security Safes , Used Data Safes , Used Document Safes and Used Fireproof Filing Cabinets have been refurbished by qualified safe engineers and carry a 12 month warranty. Our stock is continuously changing, so if you do not find the safe you require, please give us a call.

Hotel Safes
Hotel Safes from Burton Safes and Chubbsafes. We have models to suit every requirement from a basic key lock room safe to swipe card and keypad electronic safes with comprehensive management features. The higher range safes allow the safe to be interrogated to see who opened the safe and when. This gives added security for the guest, the Hotel staff and the Hotel management.