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Gun Cabinets – Police approved and certified.

How to store gun cabinets / Cabinets?

The Firearm Rules do not prescribe how firearms must be kept securely, but the Home Office has issued guidance.
Briefly, this recommends that you store them in a locked gun cabinet or other similarly secure containers.
As commercially manufactured firearm cabinets are widely available, this will be the preferred method of security for guns for most people. There is a British standard for gun cabinets (BS7558), or SS302:2020 approved by Sold Secure security body.
It is always best to check with your insurance company or local police, to confirm that the unit you are looking to purchase is sufficient for the purpose.

All of our gun safes have been tested and certified, to meet these standards.

In some cases, if you do not have a gun safe, it may be acceptable to remove the firing mechanism from a firearm and store it in a secure container, like a safe.  We would recommend a fire-resistant safe.
In these cases, you should then lock away the rest of the firearm.  A securely built gunroom or cellar with a steel door that locks can also be an acceptable form of storage.
Secure Safe Ltd is able to provide such storage.  Please contact one of our security specialists for more information.
01223 654 757 – [email protected]

Section 1 ammunition can be stored in a separate secure compartment with a gun cabinet or in its own secure container.
A list of units with this secure lockable container can be found below:

Burton gun cabinets

Phoenix gun cabinets

When considering whether storage arrangements are secure enough, the police will look at the circumstances of each case and the overall security arrangements, including the security of the premises where the firearms and ammunition are kept.

Any CCTV or Alarm requirements can also be discussed with Secure Safe Ltd to ensure that you are meeting all requirements and are enabling a safe environment.


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