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Phoenix 2500 Series Data Combi Safe-2503K Fire Resistant Document protection cabinet

£2,268.00 Excl. VAT £1,375.00 Excl. VAT


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Phoenix 2500 Series Data Combi Safe-2503K Fire Resistant Document protection cabinet

£2,268.00 Excl. VAT £1,375.00 Excl. VAT



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Cash Rating: £3,000

Fire Rating: 120 Minutes

Safe Lock Type: Key Lock

Ext. Dimensions (HxWxD): 1145x655x560

Safe Lock Type: Key Lock
Size: Large
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Price includes delivery and positioning on the ground floor

    • External Dimensions (HxWxD) – 1145x655x560mm
    • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD) – 880x475x330mm

Vulnerable to excess of heat and moisture, your computer backups are prone to damage or even total loss. Can you afford not to protect it£

  • Provides up to 2 hours fire protection for computer media, at temperatures of 1090£C.
  • Phoenix Datacare Safes, probably the best insurance obtainable.
  • Fitted with high security keylock or electronic lock.
  • Volume£145 ltr main safe +£13 ltr Data
  • Models DS2002 and DS2003 feature automatic slam action locking.

Data Capacity chart

Media size mm DS2501 DS2502
3.5 Diskette 93x90x3.5 236 236 326
DC2000 88x66x18 54 54 81
Video 8 102x70x20 30 30 80
DAT 80x60x15 69 69 130
CD Rom 142x125x10 18 18 52
Syquest 3.5 99x98x10 44 44 102
ZIP Drive 100x100x12 24 24 78
Jaz Drive 135x135x20 10 10 16
DLT 110x110x30 12 12 26
8mm DAT Tape 68x105x20 39 39 64
LTO 110x114x20 12 12 26


IBM, OLIVETTI, HEWLETT PACKARD, TOSHIBA, ZENITH, APRICOT, APPLE – whatever the make, your expensively purchased computer is useless if your data has been corrupted by heat, dust, humidity, malicious or accidental damage.

FLOPPY DISCS, DISKETTES, DATA CARTRIDGES, HARD DISCS. Magnetic media is sensitive, easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity. The manufacturers recommend maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52£C or humidity level greater than 85%. It makes sense, therefore, to protect them.

Potential hazards are many. A cup of boiling tea or coffee, for example, at 100£C will seriously damage your media – probably destroy it!

Loss or damage by fire statistics suggest that 56% of all companies affected by it go out of business, because of vital lost trading information. This is an extreme – BUT IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. So what is the value of the data lost£ How many hours, days, weeks, months did it take to compile£ How many minutes will it take to lose£ Phoenix Datacare is the answer. A secure, modern, attractive and highly tested cabinet next to the computer or work station will ensure your files are effectively protected. Phoenix Datacare safes have been extensively tested in both the UK and Sweden. The Swedish data protection test NT FIRE 017-120 Diskette requires a temperature of 1090£C to be maintained over 2 hours. A model DS2003 in this test restricted internal temperatures to only 39£C, thereby exceeding the minimum test required by 25%. All Datacare DS2000 series are built to this exacting standard.

Fingerprint locking available as option on models DS2002 and DS2003 only.

Optional Extras available

£REDL2 Electronic Lock & Key Lock (DS2002 & DS2003 only)
£Fingerprint Lock (DS2002 & DS2003 only)
£Roll out media tray (DS2003 only)

*Ratings are approximate only and may vary due to area conditions and location. Please check with your underwriter.

Additional information

Weight 222 kg
Dimensions 560 × 655 × 1145 mm

Insurance Cash Rating

Safe Lock Type

Fire Rating

Safe Capacity (ltrs)



Safe Type

Floor Standing

Delivery and positioning on the ground floor is included in the price for all mainland UK locations.
If the installation location is on an upper or lower floor with lift access, there is no additional cost.
Please make sure that the lift is large enough to take the safe and has the required weight capacity.
If there is more than one step or threshold ( in the property or outside ),
please complete the delivery form and send it to us.We will then advise you of the additional cost.
For large, heavy safes, delivery will be made by a vehicle around the same size as a Fire Engine or Refuse truck.
Check that there are no height, width or time restrictions for access to the delivery location.
If the safe will have to be moved from the delivery vehicle to the property via a path, check that the path
is wide enough, smooth and level (not a gravel path)

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