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Looking For Something Special

Sometimes a standard production safe may not be suitable for your needs. Secureasfe, working closely with Dudley Safes in the UK, are able to offer bespoke solutions at a reasonable price and delivery time.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, why not give us a call?

Here are some examples of what we can supply -

Safes with left hand hinged door.

Two safes in one

Do you need a special size safe?

Internal compartments and drawers.

Which colour would you like?

Through the wall deposit safes



Safes with the door hinge on the left-hand side (essential where the safe must be installed with the right-hand side of the safe against a wall).


 Two safes in one. In this example, the top safe is a £2,000 rated safe to hold petty cash, and the lower safe is a £17,500 cash rated safe for the cash takings. We can make most combinations of cash safes with or without deposit options.



If you need a safe of a specific size, to fit in an alcove, for example. We made this one only 30cm deep.



Lockable internal compartments and drawers. We can fit internal compartments to suit your needs. In this case it is an internal compartment with a letter deposit slot in the top. The compartment is secured by an electronic combination lock.



Not all safes have to be grey or black. We can make your safe to any colour you want.



Through the wall deposit safes mean cash can be deposited without the person needing access to the secure room where the safe is located.