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There are three different types of safe available:

BURGLARY RESISTANT – designed to look after cash & valuables for commercial and domestic premises.

FIRE RESISTANT SAFES – designed to protect valuable documents and computer media in the event of a fire.

BURGLARY SAFES WITH FIRE RESISTANCE- designed to protect cash, valuables and documents.

Burglary Resistant safes

Security Safe products come in a range of sizes and cash ratings. They offer good protection from burglary both in commercial and domestic premises provided they are secured to a floor or wall.

To determine which is most suitable for your needs you need you assess your requirement as follows and discuss with your insurance company.


  • What is the maximum value of cash or valuables to be placed in the safe at any time?
  •  What is the volume or size of what is to be placed in the safe?
  • What lock type to select, i.e. key lock, key less combination lock, Electronic Combination lock or Biometric lock,
  •  Is a Deposit  feature required so that items can be placed in the safe without it having to be opened?
  • Decide on type of safe, free standing, wall safe or under-floor safe

Securesafe install and maintain safes only from leading manufacturers. We can supply a comprehensive range of safes, locks and deposit options to match your and your insurance requirements.

Securesafe engineers will be pleased to advise you on the most appropriate choice of lock for your safe.

Fire Resistant Document Safes

All document safes, document cabinetsand filing cabinets are independently tested to ensure that the documents stored will withstand fire for period tested. For fire protection for data you need to refer to Fire-resistant Data safes.

There is choice of grades, size, internal fittings & locking options.

If you have any specific requirement please let us know as we will be able to advise the right safe for your exact requirement.

Fire Resistant Data Safes

Every day a large number of businesses are experiencing enormous unnecessary expense or unable to continue due to loss caused by destruction of valuable computer data and company records due to fire or burglaries.

Did you know that temperatures as low as 50 degrees Celcius as well as dust, smoke, water and excessive humidity could damage computers back up disks. Ordinary filing cabinets, document fire safes, security safes are not suitable for storage of computer media or photographic negatives.

If you have any specific requirement please let us know as we will be able to advise the right safe for your exact requirement.