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What Security Safe do I need if I am working from home?

How to make the best decision?

If you are working from home regularly, you should check that your business insurance policy has accommodated this. Most common requirements we receive are for laptop safe, and or a fireproof home safe.  If you have a work laptop, due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulations and security requirements, you may be required to store it in an insurance-approved laptop safe, or home safe, when not in use.

Don’t waste your money on purchasing both a laptop and a home safe.  We recommend combining both units and purchasing an insurance-approved home safe that will also fit your laptop. This way you can store home valuables and work property in the same location without taking up extra space. For industries where you are required to store hard copies of legal documents or data, it is more common to require 30 or 60 minutes fireproof safe for high security.  

We recommend this basic level of security for anyone working from home, that is required to store work information, not just for security and GDPR purposes, but also for their own peace of mind.

We are here, to help you!

All of our safes are provided with the necessary fixing bolts and holes and should be secured to a solid surface.
For smaller units, we recommend a local handyman or builder to complete this installation for you, but for heavier units, we are more than happy to complete delivery and home safe installation to any floor. We have experienced installers that accommodate our clients nationwide along with a 24/7 phone line.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team on 01223 654 757 or send an e-mail to [email protected] to discuss your security requirements in more detail.

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