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What type of locks exist on safes and which one should I choose?

The 4 main types of lock are Key lock, Digital lock, Mechanical lock, and Biometric / Finger-scan locks. Almost all our safes come with a digital or a key locking option. 

types of safe locks

For all residential and commercial clients, we generally recommend a digital locking safe.
The risk of having a key lock is that if you keep the key on your person, it may be lost or taken.  And if you keep it in a ‘secure place’ you will always have the risk of someone finding it. A key locking safe is only as secure as the keys are. Key locking safes come with 2 keys as standard and additional keys can be requested at the time of placing an order. Digital locks can be considered more secure as you don’t have the risk of losing keys.

What if the batteries in a digital lock safe die?
Any safe with a digital lock will start beeping when the battery is low.  This signals you to change it at your earliest convenience.  These can be 9-volt batteries, AA batteries or AAA batteries depending on the type of safe you buy.  We always recommend good quality batteries such as Duracell or other alkaline batteries.
A lot of safes have external battery compartments.  So even if you don’t change the batteries upon the warning sign, you won’t be locked out.
Safes with internal batteries will either come with a power override, or an override physical key.
A power override enables to you power the safe using new batteries externally, open your safe, and then change the batteries internally.
An override key lets you open the safe using a key and then change the batteries.

What I forget my code?
Unfortunately, if you forget your code there is not much more that we can do besides a drill-open of the safe and a complete lock replacement for most safes.  Some smaller safes do provide you the facility of quoting the product serial number, and the manufacturer can provide you a master code for emergency access. For security reasons we will never ask you your code and you should not give it to anyone you don’t trust.
This is a positive as you know that the only people that can access the safe are the people with the code.

Are finger scan lock safes reliable?

finger scan lock

There aren’t too many safes with finger scan abilities. But the ones that exist are reliable and are usually more expensive than standard digital and key locking safes.

Click here to check out some Home safes with finger-scan locking.

And Click here to check out some commercial safes with fingerprint scanning locks.

Are mechanical combination locks recommended?

mechanical combination lock

Mechanical combination locks are reliable but are difficult to use. We therefore only recommend mechanical combination locks to people who have used them in the past.

All our safe options from Dudley safes can be retrofitted with mechanical combination locks. Click here to check our range of Dudley safes.

For any questions relating to locks please feel free to Contact us. For more information on what Warranty your safe and lock have, Click here.

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