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You may believe that “it will never happen to me” but the sad fact is that it is happening to people and businesses every day and everywhere and that’s why the multi-billion pound market exists for insurance. If you believe in insurance you will already be covered for most types of loss but the items or documents “lost” cannot often be replaced and insurance is, therefore, incomplete protection. You should consider the following points to complete a simple audit of your needs to help you determine what extra protection you should consider


  • Do you have a secure cash/jewellery safe? Don’t let them get away with your hard-earned cash – have peace of mind from as little as £200 (£4 per week).
  • Business owners often forget that they have a duty to protect their staff and family members – and what better way to do than installing a safe and putting up a notice that staff do not have access to the safe.
  • Do you store your important documents in a fire safe? The loss of documents through fire results in almost half the companies that suffer a fire going out of business within six months, unable to complete a financial statement.
  • Your assets may be insured but if the record of them is lost how will you persuade the insurance company to pay out? In fact can you remember who your insurers are and where you keep the policy?
  • Do you store your valuable back up computer disk/CD in a Data / Fire Safe? Protecting computer media requires much more substantial protection to keep the temperature and humidity at a much lower level. This is because computer media is plastic based and melts at a much lower temperature than that at which paper starts to burn.
  • Even the back-up copies you make and take home with you for security could be at risk. The theft of information can be just as damaging as the theft of possessions.
  • Are your high value stocks and valuable items e.g. Phone cards stored in a secure place? A small security safe or security cupboard could be the answer.
  • There are many regulations covering the storage of hazardous substances and drugs. Does your situation comply with the regulations?