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All That You Need To Know About Fireproof safes


In the last year 2020, the report of Fire and Rescue Incident statistics revealed that a total of 528,601 incidents have been reported, 29% (153.278) has been caused by fires and 42% (220,432) were fire false alarms (Fire and rescue incident statistics, 2021).

These statistics revealed that having an alarm system in your house might sometimes not be sufficient for protecting your confidential documents or your valuables.

As a very conscious company about the safety of our customer’s belongings, we offer a variety range of fireproof safes from highly reputable brands within the UK market, ensuring the safety of your confidential documents and valuables.

Fireproof safes are storage devices that can preserve your things if the worst happens and a fire broke out. Fireproof safes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including boxes, cabinets, vaults, and more. Our safes have been independently tested for quality and are designed to withstand physical attacks.

Just like Cash rated safes approved by insurance providers, we have Fire-rated safes or Fireproof safes which have been tested in extreme heat conditions and have been certified by insurance providers to have 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of fire protection for paper, digital media or both.

When purchasing a graded safe, it is essential to consider the specific requirements and threats you need protection against. Consulting with security professionals or conducting thorough research can help you choose a safe that meets your security needs and provides the desired level of protection.

Which type of fireproof safe do I need?

Fireproof safes are not similar, they differ depending on the level of security you are looking at, and the type of items that will be stored inside the safe.

There are four main categories:

· Paper: For example, passports, insurance policies, certificates, legal documents, and cash (notes)

· Digital media: for example, digital cameras, iPods, MacBooks, players, external hard drives, USB / memory sticks, DVDs, CDs,

· Data/magnetic media: for example, computer backup tapes, computer diskettes (floppy disks), traditional internal hard drives, videotapes, and audiotapes.

· Valuables: For example, Jewellery, and watches.

Document fireproof safe

Documents Fireproof safes designed to protect documents are made by taking into consideration the critical temperature for paper 177 degrees Celsius

The highest certifications are EN 1047-1 and NT Fire 017. These standards mean that the safes have been tested at temperatures of 1090 ° C and provide maximum protection from 60 to 120 minutes.

High-security safes

Fireproof safes can be categorized based on fire rating meaning a safe period of resistance to a fire incident which can go from 30 minutes to 120 minutes, these safes might be used for protecting different types of physical valuables.

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