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The perfect Isolation Aid – Sophie’s found the perfect solution

The right technology can come to your rescue in times of isolation and panic. Below is the story of how one of our customers Sophie balanced taking care of her vulnerable grandmother and ensuring her happiness.

“My grandma is probably one of the most wonderful people you’ll meet.  But unfortunately, over the last 3 years we have found out that she has dementia.
My grandpa passed away a while ago now. So, at times it’s hard knowing that she is ‘by herself’.  She still has her wits about her and is still as stubborn as an Ox, insisting that she lives in her own place and doesn’t ‘burden us’. 
This was hard for us to accept but of course we respected her wishes and keep a close eye on things as needed. 

Then COVID19 happened.  This was borderline heartbreaking as my partner is a teacher, and for the safety of everyone it’s best that I don’t go and visit her for a while.

My grandma and I have the best relationship so not being able to interact with her like usual is very strange and foreign to me.  She has a mobile phone and various house phones. But with her situation, she often doesn’t realise when her mobile goes missing or the home phones run out of battery. Contact with her can become hard at times.

We thankfully got a RANGER Camera (an App controlled Indoor Camera) a few months ago before the pandemic happened.  It enabled us to talk to each other even if she couldn’t find any of her 3 phones.  We can still see that she’s getting up every morning and pottering around the house.  We often have to remind her where she left her cuppa sometimes, and we do that using the 2 way talk the camera provides!

During the current situation I’m so glad we got a RANGER camera.  I don’t need to worry about her as much and I can still catch up with her about my day even when she loses her phones.  It’s a tough time for some people that thrive off human interaction at the moment. But I know that by having the camera I have a bit more peace of mind knowing that I’m still here for her and she’s still safe and sound.”

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