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Anything you need to know about cash rating

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Cash rating safe refers to a classification system used to indicate the level of security provided by a safe in protecting cash and other valuables from theft or unauthorized access. A cash rating is commonly used in the security industry to help individuals and businesses select an appropriate safe based on their specific security needs. 99% of our safes are insurance rated, but please feel free to double-check with us if you are unsure. It is the lower-end safes that would require confirmation, but any safe cash rated £2,000 and up is insurance approved.

What cash/valuable rating does my safe need to be?

A cash rating is used to describe the level of security of a safe.
Safes can be cash rated from £1,000 – £250,000. 
Valuable rating is 10x the cash rating, £10,000 – £2,500, 000

If you have £2,000 of cash that you want to secure, we would recommend a £2,000 cash-rated safe. We wouldn’t recommend you a £1,000 cash-rated safe, nor would we necessarily recommend you a £3,000 cash-rated safe, unless you expected to increase the value of money stored. The same goes for valuables. 

This table explains gradually all levels of cash and valuables ratings and the referred grade.

Cash RatingValuable Rating
(cash x 10)
£1,000£10,000Non Graded  Safes with £1000 cash rating
£1,500£15,000Non Graded  Safes with £1500 cash rating
£2,000£20,000Non Graded  Safes with £2000 cash rating
£2,500 £25,000Non Graded  Safes with £2500 cash rating
£3,000£30,000Non Graded  Safes with £3000 cash rating
£4,000£40,000Non Graded  Safes with £4000 cash rating
£5,000£50,000Non Graded  Safes with £5000 cash rating
£6,000£60,000Grade 0Graded safe with £6000 cash rating
£10,000£100,000Grade 1Graded safe with £10000 cash rating
£17,500£175,000Grade 2Graded safe with £17500 cash rating
£35,000£350,000Grade 3 Graded safe with £35000 cash rating
£60,000£600,000Grade 4Graded safe with £60000 cash rating
£100,000£1,000,000Grade 5Graded safe with £100000 cash rating
£150,000£1,500,000Grade 6Graded safe with £150000 cash rating
£250,000£2,500,000Grade 7Graded safe with £250000 cash rating

As you can see, safes with £6,000 cash rating and above, are classified as Graded safes.

Grades are determined by accreditation organisations such as ESSA/ECB-S.  It is these tests that determine the amount of burglar resistance a safe will provide.
Tests are carried out according to international standards such as the European EN 1143-3 Eurograde System – which is where the term ‘Graded Safe’ comes from. In short, the higher the grade of safe the more difficult it is to break into / the more secure it is.

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