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Chubbsafes HomeSafe

The Chubbsafe HomeVault S2 Plus offers combined certified security for your cash, valuables and legal papers against burglary and fire.

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Securikey Mini Vault

The Securikey Mini Vault Safe sets a new standard in the security industry by offering a unique recovery code feature, providing more peace of mind and making it the only safe of its kind with such advanced security measures.

securikey- mini-vault
Phoenix parcel box

Never miss a parcel delivery again!
Designed to protect your parcels from all weather conditions. Features a unique barcode that can be scanned or recorded as proof of delivery by the courier, if required.

Phoenix parcel box
CCTV Systems

Shop our full range of storage lockers, from leading manufactures in the UK.

Browse our full range of CCTV and Home Alarms System Solutions. Due to our industry reputation, we work with the leading manufacturers and can offer you the best technology to protect your perimeter.
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Storage Lockers

Shop our full range of storage lockers, from leading manufactures in the UK.

Shop our full range of storage lockers, from leading manufacturers in the UK. Ideal for education, hospitality, construction and the forces

Secure Safe Probe Phoenix
Home Safes

Shop our full range of home safes, and find the perfect security for your cash and valuables.

Secure Safe Home Safes
High-security Safes

Our insurance graded high-security safes provide you with that extra level of protection. Browse the full range with cash ratings available up to £250,000 and £2,500,000 valuables.

High Security Safes
Fireproof Safes

Protect your important business documents from fire with our range of fireproof safes and filing cabinets. Buy online with free UK delivery.

Fireproof Safes Secure Safe
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What are you looking to store in your safe?

Cash Safe Secure Safe Cash / Valuables
Secure Safe Keys Keys
Secure Safe Data Safe Data / Drives
Secure Safe Document Safe Documents
Secure Safe Special Safes Special Requirements

What type of safe do you need?

Secure Safe Floor Standing Floor standing
Secure Safe Underfloor Standing Underfloor
Secure Safe Wall Standing Wall Enclosed

What level of protection do you need?

Secure Safe Standard Cash Rating Safe Standard
Secure Safe Medium Cash Rating Safe Medium
Secure Safe Standard High Rating Safe High
Secure Safe Highest Cash Rating Safe Highest

Is this for internal or external storage?

Secure Safe Internal Key Safe Internal
Secure Safe External key Safe External

What level of fire protection do you need?

Secure Safe Fireproof safes 30 min 30 minutes
Secure Safe Fireproof safes 60 min 60 minutes
Secure Safe Fireproof safes 120 min 120 minutes

What type of locking do you prefer?

Secure Safe Fireproof safes Key Lock Key
Secure Safe Fireproof safes Digital Lock Digital

What type of product do you need?

Secure Safe Cabinet safes Cabinet
Secure Safe Drawers safes Drawers

What special requirements product are you interested in?

Secure Safe Refurbished Safes Refurbished Safes
Secure Safe Luxury Safes Luxury Safes
Secure Safe Hotel Safes Hotel Safes
Secure Safe Laptop Safes Laptop Safes
Secure Safe Deposit Safes Deposit Safes
Secure Safe Custom Safes Custom Safes
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Complete Security Solutions With The Best Customer Service.

We give independent advice to our customers on all aspects of security, including safes, fireproof document safes, data safes, and key cabinets. Secure Safe Ltd selects products from leading manufacturers within the UK.

We understand that home is more than just a house, it is a feeling of security and comfort, and by providing our clients with bespoke home CCTV & Alarm solutions and support, we are able to maintain that environment and protect you and your family from any unwelcome intruders.